Nestled in the picturesque town of Steinhausen in the canton of Zug, the headquarters of Ohnsorg Söhne AG stands as a beacon of Swiss craftsmanship and global outreach. As pioneers in chimney caps, roof vents, and a range of associated products, our Steinhausen base is where Swiss tradition meets contemporary innovation.

For generations, Ohnsorg Söhne AG has been a hallmark of excellence, setting benchmarks in design, functionality, and durability. Our Steinhausen headquarters isn’t just our operational hub; it’s the heart from which we extend our services to a global clientele, especially in the USA, UK, and Canada. Understanding the distinct demands of these markets, we’ve tailored our offerings to cater to their specific needs, all while upholding the Swiss quality we’re celebrated for.

Our dedication to international markets is strengthened by our collaborations with trusted third-party providers. This ensures that our valued clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and beyond experience the best of our products, delivered with the efficiency and care they deserve. This blend of Swiss craftsmanship and global logistics solidifies our position as a preferred choice for many.

But our commitment goes beyond just products. At Ohnsorg Söhne AG, we’re in the business of crafting solutions. Every chimney cap, roof vent, or accessory we design is a testament to Swiss precision and global aesthetics. Whether it’s a residence in bustling London, the vast terrains of Canada, or the iconic cities of the USA, our products are crafted to integrate and enhance.

Our Steinhausen headquarters is more than a location; it’s a space of innovation, design, and vision. Our dedicated team is on hand to assist, understand your needs, and ensure that the products you select align with your aspirations.

By opting for Ohnsorg Söhne AG, you’re not merely choosing a product; you’re embracing a legacy of trust, quality, and global distinction. Reach out to us today, and let’s envision a future where Swiss precision meets global dreams.


Ohnsorg Söhne AG
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