Ohnsorg Söhne AG: Your Trusted Partner in Ventilation and Chimney Solutions

When you think of top-tier chimney and ventilation solutions, think of contacting Ohnsorg Söhne AG. Located at the heart of Steinhausen, we have been the go-to contact for professionals and homeowners alike, seeking unparalleled quality and service.

Headquarters: The Heart of Operations

Our headquarters in Steinhausen, Switzerland, stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. This is where the magic happens. From meticulous planning to the execution of projects, our team at the headquarters ensures that every product and service we offer is up to the mark.
Reach out to us at 041 747 00 22 or drop us an email at for any queries or collaborations.

Western Switzerland Office: Extending Our Reach

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we have established our Western Switzerland Office at Chaussée de Treycovagnes 17, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains. This office serves as a pivotal point, ensuring that our clients in Western Switzerland receive timely and efficient services.
For inquiries in this region, feel free to call us at 024 446 10 20 or email at

Global Contact and Collaboration

While we take immense pride in our Swiss roots, our vision is global. We have successfully catered to clients from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, delivering products that adhere to international standards of quality and efficiency. Our global network of third-party suppliers ensures timely delivery and impeccable service, no matter where you are.

About Us

Ohnsorg Söhne AG is not just a business; it’s a legacy. Over the years, we have evolved, adapted, and grown, but our core values remain unchanged. We believe in delivering the best, be it products or services. Our team, from the top management to the ground staff, works with a singular vision – to achieve excellence in every endeavor.



Ohnsorg Söhne AG
Kamin- und Ventilationshüte
Knonauerstrasse 5, Postfach 332
6312 Steinhausen


041 747 00 22
041 747 00 29

Western Switzerland Office

Ohnsorg et fils SA
coiffes de cheminée et d’aération
chaussée de Treycovagnes 17
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains


024 446 10 20
024 446 10 22