Roof Outlet for Solar Systems – Type KAB-KA

Harnessing solar energy is a modern marvel, and ensuring every component works seamlessly is crucial. Enter the KAB-KA roof outlet, a masterpiece by Ohnsorg Söhne AG, specifically designed for solar systems.

Key Features of the KAB-KA Roof Outlet:

  • Square Base Design: The KAB-KA roof outlet is characterized by its robust square base. This design ensures a firm and secure connection between the roof and the underlying systems, making it a cornerstone for solar installations.
  • Flat Roof Tray: Every solar installation requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to cable management. Our flat roof tray is a testament to this, designed to sit perfectly on flat roofs, ensuring cables and connections have a secure and unobtrusive passage.
  • Horizontal Top Cover: Environmental factors can be detrimental to solar installations. The KAB-KA roof outlet’s horizontal top cover is a protective shield, safeguarding the cables while providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Dimensions Tailored for Solar Systems:

  • Base Height: At 420 mm, the KAB-KA roof outlet’s height is optimized for most standard solar installations, ensuring the outlet integrates seamlessly.
  • Total Height: With a total height of 550 mm, the KAB-KA roof outlet strikes the perfect balance between functionality and design.

For those with specific needs, we offer custom dimensions, ensuring the KAB-KA roof outlet fits every solar system requirement.

Customization Beyond Dimensions:

Solar installations are as much about efficiency as they are about aesthetics. Recognizing this, the KAB-KA roof outlet is available in all RAL colors. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist look or a statement piece, the KAB-KA roof outlet has got you covered.

In Conclusion:

The KAB-KA roof outlet by Ohnsorg Söhne AG is more than just a component; it’s a commitment to excellence. As solar energy becomes increasingly prevalent, ensuring every part of the installation is top-notch becomes paramount. The KAB-KA roof outlet promises not just quality but also the assurance that your solar system operates at its best.


  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Additional materials available upon request


  • Square

Roof Shapes

  • Flat Roof


  • With Insulation
  • Without Insulation


  • 200/200
  • 250/250
  • 300/300
  • 350/350
  • 400/400
  • 450/450
  • 500/500
  • 550/550
  • 600/600
  • 650/650
  • 700/700

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